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Joshua, Texas, has now become a developing city from being a stagnant farming community. Consistently, the city are full of house and everything else. With that, solar screens are now famous in keeping your house stay much cooler with shading its windows, therefore your A/C will not have to work as hard.

For more than 20 years, Atlas Solar Tex keeps on providing expert solar screen services. By shading your home’s windows with our solar window shade screens, the sun’s rays are not able to penetrate your windows, therefore the heat generated by the direct rays of the sun will no longer impact the interior of your home. Additionally, and very importantly, a solar screen will provide shade for the glass itself of your home’s windows, therefore eliminating your windows from getting hot. By keeping the windows themselves from getting hot, the significant transferring of heat from hot windows into your home will be eliminated.

With solar window screens shading your home’s windows, you will eliminate the hot harmful sun’s direct rays from entering your home through your windows. And you will shade your windows from the sun keeping the windows from getting hot and turning into a huge problematic source of heat.

Atlas Solar Tex is the answer to reduce the temperature within your home and lessen the load on your air-conditioner. Atlas Solar Tex for solar screens will significantly reduce the amount of electricity used to run your air-conditioning unit. Using solar screens to shade windows from the hot Fort Worth Texas Sun is not only a must; it is imperative.

Areas Serviced Include:

  • Burleson
  • Joshua
  • Fort Worth
  • Arlington


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